CLC Newsletter: Call for Articles

From the Communications Committee:
Linda Bouchard, Evelin Ramón, and Ian Crutchley

Dear Colleagues,

Your Canadian League of Composers National Council is in the process of overhauling the way we communicate with you and this year we will start by relaunching our monthly newsletter. One of our goals is to partially repurpose it as a vehicle for news and articles highlighting initiatives, achievements, organizations and individuals that reflect the kinds of concerns for which The CLC advocates. What kinds of concerns are these? Essentially, we are looking to disseminate Canadian stories about positive, progressive contributions to our community or comparable international stories which might be of interest and inspiring to Canadian composers.

We are particularly interested in ensuring coverage of all regions of Canada and ideally will be covering a different region each month. Contributions from The Atlantic, The Prairies and The North are especially welcome! We are aware that there are wonderful and inspiring initiatives taking place all over Canada and we want to share them.

 Submissions may be in the form of

  • 100-word proposals for you to write an article for us
  • suggestions for us to look into possible stories
  • links to extant articles

Here are a few examples of potential stories we could feature:

  • Organizations making use of some of the CLC’s suggested gender equity policies
  • Outreach projects designed to diversify the audience for new music
  • Initiatives designed to improve working conditions for composers
  • Ongoing interdisciplinary programs that equitably highlight the work of Canadian composers
  • Interviews with, or essays by, or stories about, exemplary individuals who have worked towards improving conditions for Canadian composers

Publication of the newsletter will be regularly throughout the year and there is no deadline for submissions. Please send to Linda, Evelin and Ian through our main CLC email address, <>.



The Canadian League of Composers Communications Committee