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To encourage diverse membership in the Canadian League of Composers, the CLC has established four unique categories of membership. Please determine which category of membership you would like to apply for prior to submitting an application.

Membership Categories

  1. Professional Membership (voting): For professional composers of concert music and sound art.
    Dues: $75 annually
    Required application materials:

    1. Online registration form (below);
    2. Curriculum Vitae;
    3. List of works;
    4. Documentation of 3 professionally-presented public performances by three different performers, ensembles or organizations. For those under 35 years of age, a prize in a composition competition recognized by the CLC Council may replace 1 of the 3 required performances.
      Note: Composers who are Associate Composers of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) are exempt from the assessment process and do not need to submit a CV, list of works, or documentation of professional performances.

    For professional applications, please send required material to Professional membership applications require approval from the CLC’s Membership Committee and may take up to a month to process. The CLC’s General Manager will notify you when your application has been assessed.

  2. Student Membership (non-voting): For students preparing for a career in composition.
    Dues: $25 annually
    Required application materials: Online registration form (below)
  3. Affiliate Membership (non-voting): For individuals who support the aims and activities of the CLC and wish to be kept informed of CLC activities.
    Dues: $25 annually
    Required application materials: Online registration form (below)
  4. Emeritus Membership (voting): For composers aged 65 and over who have had a Professional Membership for a minimum of 5 years.
    Dues: $0 annually
    Required application materials: None. Please inform the CLC’s General Manager of your change to Emeritus status by email at or by phone at 1.877.964.1364.

Note: Scores and recordings are not required. However, the Membership Committee reserves the right to request these materials from any professional applicant for the purposes of deliberation.

In lieu of an online application, you may also opt to send in a hard copy application with the required materials to: Canadian League of Composers, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1J9.

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