June 3, 2017
15:00 – 17:00
Canadian Music Centre, 20 St Joseph St, Toronto ON


In attendance: Norma Beecroft (NB), Linda Bouchard (LB), Stacey Brown (SB), John Burge (JB), Ian Crutchley (IC), Elisha Denburg (ED – minutes), Richard Gibson (RG), Jim Hiscott (JH), Emilie LeBel (EL), David Lidov (DL), Cecilia Livingston (CL), Christopher Mayo (CM), Monica Pearce (MP), Evelin Ramon (ER), Christopher Reiche Boucher (CRB – chair), Rodney Sharman (RS).

By proxy: Gabriel Dharmoo, Nicolas Gilbert, Gayle Young: (SB); Victor Davies, Moshe Denburg, James Harley, Frank Horvat, Dmytro Kytsenko, Hope Lee, Elma Miller, Laura Pettigrew, Andrew Staniland, Leslie Uyeda: (ED); Bob Bauer, Joyce-Anne Locking: (RG); Patrick Carpenter, Michael S. Horwood, Ramona Luengen: (JH); David Jaeger: (MP); Jeffrey Ryan: (CL); Nicholas Fairbank, Peter Hatch, James Rolfe, John Rea, Linda Catlin Smith, Glenn Sutherland, Barry Truax, Hildegard Westerkamp, John Winiarz: (RS).

Before calling meeting to order, CRB acknowledges the traditional land on which the meeting gathers; the territory of the Haudenosaunee and most recently the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations.

CRB calls meeting to order at 13:05.

[Agenda, reports, and all pertaining documents are annexed to these minutes.]

  1. Call to Order/Approval of the Agenda

Moved by IC, seconded by SB.
Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Motion to approve 2016 AGM Draft Minutes (Vancouver, June 4, 2016).

Moved by SB, seconded by JH.
Motion carried unanimously (those absent abstained).

  1. Business arising

CRB transferred his proxy votes to RS.

  1. Motion to approve of Election Slate of CLC National Council 2017-19

Moved by DL, Seconded by NB.
Motion carried unanimously.

  1. President’s Report

CRB delivers report, mentioning Gender Equity Policy Suggestions, and announcing gender balance on National Council for the first time in CLC history. Reviews PIVOT Mentorship Program, Friends of Canadian Music Award 2017 presentation, Canada Council. Thanks ED, SB, all of council, and the membership at large. Invites contact and questions from all.

6. Treasurer’s Report

ED delivers report on behalf of Gayle Young, presenting Audited Financial Statements (2015-16), current budget (2016-17), and projected budget (2017-18).

Motion for membership to adopt CLC Audited 2015-16 Financial Statements prepared by Hogg, Shain & Scheck.
Moved by RG, seconded by CM.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

Motion to appoint Hogg, Shain & Scheck as CLC’s auditors for 2016-17 fiscal year.
Moved by SB, Seconded by IC.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

Motion for membership to approve preliminary 2017-18 Projected Budget.
Moved by SB, seconded by JH.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

  1. Committee reports

a) Advocacy Report

IC delivers report on year in review and committee files: SOCAN Foundation, Academics and Commission Funding, CBC, Calls for Scores, Canada Council for the Arts, CLC Fee Schedule, Member Survey, and plans for 2017-18.
Discussion followed.

b) Equity Report

SB delivers report, outlining CLC Equity Policy, Gender Equity Policy Suggestions, Equity Committee role within Council, and plans for 2017-18.
Discussion followed.

c) Membership Report

RG delivers report, listing current members, new members and deceased members over the past year.

d) Awards Report

RG delivers report, mentioning FCMA awarded to Tania Miller (shared with Carmyn Slater), and BBVA Foundation Award: CLC will nominate Norma Beecroft. NB thanks CLC for the nomination.

e) ISCM Report

JH delivers report, detailing all matters related to the ISCM Canadian Section and the ISCM 2017 festival in Vancouver.
Discussion followed.

  1. Other business

There was no other business.

Following completion of the agenda, prior to adjournment, JB offered some information on forthcoming changes at SOCAN Foundation.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the 2017 Annual General Meeting.
Moved by CM.
Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 17:01.




AGM, June 4, 2016
The Post at 750
110-750 Hamilton St, Vancouver BC  V6B 2R5


In attendance: Stacey Brown, Jennifer Butler, Ian Crutchley, Elisha Denburg (minutes), Brian Harman (chair), Jim Hiscott, Anna Höstman, Christien Ledroit, Cecilia Livingston (via Skype) Jocelyn Morlock, Jordan Nobles, Christopher Reiche, André Ristic, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gayle Young.

By proxy: Denis Gougeon, Michel Frigon (Stacey Brown); George Andrix, James Grant Code, Emily Hall, Laurie Radford (Ian Crutchley); Paul Crawford, Moshe Denburg, Dmytro Kytsenko, Afarin Mansouri, Kevin Morse, (Elisha Denburg); John Burge, José Evangelista, Michael Matthews, Boyd McDonald, Randolph Peters, Glenn Sutherland (Jim Hiscott); Victor Davies, Sydney Hodkinson, Emilie LeBel, Juliet Palmer, Monica Pearce, John Rea, James Rolfe, Ernst Schneider, Linda Catlin Smith (Anna Höstman); Elma Miller (Christien Ledroit); Allan Crossman, Alain Gagnon, Nicolas Gilbert, Michel Gonneville, Gabriel Dharmoo, (André Ristic); John S Gray, James Harley, Peter Hatch, Elma Miller, Rodney Sharman (Gayle Young).

Before calling the meeting to order, Brian Harman acknowledges the ancestral, traditional and unceded Aboriginal territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, and in particular, the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations on whose territory we stand.

Brian calls the meeting to order at 13:09.

  1. Call to Order/Approval of the Agenda

Moved by Ian, seconded by André.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

  1. Motion to approve 2015 AGM Draft Minutes (Toronto, June 6, 2015).

Moved by Stacey, seconded by Jocelyn.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

  1. Business arising

There was no Business arising.

  1. President’s Report (Brian Harman)

Brian delivers his report, discussing CLC’s progress over the past year, changes to the Presidency, Executive Council, mid-term councillor and committee appointments, World New Music Days 2017, Fundraising, and the General Manager position.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Gayle Young)

Gayle delivers her report, outlining the year in review, and the current budget for 2015-16 and projected budget for 2015-16. Discussion followed.

Motion for the membership to adopt the CLC Audited 2014-15 Financial Statements prepared by Marinucci & Co.
Moved by Christopher, seconded by Jennifer.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

Motion for the membership to approve the preliminary 2016-17 Projected Budget.
Moved by Christien, seconded by Ian.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

Motion to appoint Hogg, Shain & Scheck as CLC’s auditors for the 2015-16 fiscal year.
Moved by Stacey, Seconded by Anna.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

  1. Committee reports

a) Advocacy Report: Ian Crutchley

Ian Crutchley, chair of the Advocacy committee, outlines the year in review, SOCAN Foundation programs, CLC’s position on academics receiving commission funding, changes to the Canada Council, an upcoming member survey based on the past Commissioning Paradigm meetings, and committee plans for 2016-17. Discussion followed.

b) Equity Report: Stacey Brown

Stacey delivers the report behalf of the committee, discussing the year in review, CLC Equity Policy, upcoming survey questions (as above), CLC’s Open Letter and Policy Proposals, and plans for 2016-17.

c) Communications Report: Christopher Reiche

Christopher delivers his report, discussing the CLC’s various avenues of communication, including the Zoom In feature, the website’s Watch & Listen tab, the CLC’s Social Media strategy, and issues pertaining to Translation.

d) ISCM Report: Jim Hiscott

Jim delivers his report, updating council on ISCM matters, including the 2015 World New Music Days (WNMD) in Slovenia, the recent 2016 WNMD in Tongyeong, the CNMN FORUM, meetings with the Executive Committee, the Canadian Section being the ISCM Featured Member, and all matters pertaining to WNMD 2017 in Vancouver. Discussion followed.

e) Professional Development Report: Christien Ledroit

Christien delivers his report, recapping the events hosted this year as well as the ones coming up for 2016-17. He also addressed privacy issues regarding event documentation and live-streaming.

f) Membership Report: Elisha Denburg

Elisha delivers the Membership Report on behalf of committee chair Richard Gibson, listing new members this year in each category as well as deceased members.

g) Awards Report: Gayle Young

Gayle Young delivers the Awards report on behalf of committee chair Richard Gibson. She reports on the CLC/CMC Friends of Canadian Music Award, as well as the nomination processes for provincial and territorial awards.

  1. Other business

There was no other business.

Motion to adjourn the 2016 Annual General Meeting.
Moved by Jennifer.
Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 15:17.



AGM, June 6, 2015
CMC Chalmers House, Toronto ON

In attendance: Robert Aitken, Stacey Brown, Christopher Butterfield, Ian Crutchley, Elisha Denburg (minutes), Jason Doell, John S. Gray, Emily Hall, Brian Harman (chair), James Harley, Jim Hiscott, Anna Höstman, David Jaeger, Christien Ledroit, Jocelyn Morlock, Jordan Nobles, Christopher Reiche (via Skype), James Rolfe, Patrick Saint-Denis, Gayle Young.

By proxy: Robert Bauer, Monica Pearce (Ian Crutchley); Kristi Allik, Moshe Denburg, Frank Horvat, Dmytro Kytsenko, Afarin Mansouri, Evgeny Shcherbakov (Elisha Denburg); Louis Babin, Michel Frigon, Analia Llugdar, Steven Naylor, Ernst Schneider (Emily Hall); Tim Brady, Kevin Morse (Brian Harman); Victor Davies, Richard Gibson, David Lidov, Michael Matthews (Jim Hiscott); Nicholas Fairbank, Juliet Kiri Palmer, Linda Catlin Smith (Anna Höstman); Elma Miller (Christien Ledroit); Kathleen Allan, T. Patrick Carrabré, Janet Danielson, Gordon Fitzell, Ed Henderson, Colin Mack, Randolph Peters, Laura Pettigrew, Sylvia Rickard, Jeffrey Ryan, Rodney Sharman, Glenn Sutherland, Leslie Uyeda, Hildegard Westerkamp (Jocelyn Morlock); Barry Truax (Jordan Nobles); Nicolas Gilbert, Michel Gonneville, John Rea (Patrick Saint-Denis); John Winiarz (Gayle Young).

Brian Harman calls AGM to order at 13:05.

1. Call to Order/Approval of Agenda

Moved by Ian, seconded by Jordan.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

2. Motion to approve 2014 AGM Draft Minutes (Montréal, May 9, 2014).

Moved by Jocelyn, seconded by Robert.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

3. Business arising

David Jaeger inquires about status of CLC’s certificate of Continuance. Elisha confirms: Corporation is officially continued under new Canadian Not-for-Profit Act, as of June 2014.

4. President’s Report (Brian Harman)

Brian gives overview of CLC’s past and upcoming years, including:

  • plans to remount Mentorship Project in 2016;
  • ISCM World New Music Days festival to be hosted by CLC and Music on Main in Vancouver 2017
  • other activities undergone by ISCM Canadian Section;
  • plans to launch fundraising campaign for the 2017 festival this fall;
  • steady rise in CLC membership
  • recent 20% funding cut to operating budget from Canada Council

Brian announces names of those who will be stepping down from National Council after this meeting: Jocelyn Morlock, Jordan Nobles, Emily Hall, and Analia Llugdar; Brian thanks them for their time and contribution.

He mentions CLC’s Strategic Plan for Advocacy, based on pending results from Commissioning Paradigm series, and plans to maintain dialogue with Canada Council during shift to new funding model. He outlines CLC’s current and future vision as being relevant, vibrant, inclusive, and modern.

6. Treasurer’s Report (Gayle Young)

Gayle presents 2013-14 Audited Financial Statements, 2014-15 Year-to-Date Actual figures, and 2015-16 Projected Budget. She highlights the following budget items from current and upcoming fiscal years:

  • $1700 in 2014-15 on Professional Development activities;
  • Mentorship Project will allot $3000 per composer each year (pending funding);
  • increased website costs in 2015-16 to migrate site securely;
  • surpassed projected goal for membership dues by over $1500, but fell short on donations by about $300;
  • 2015-16 projected increase to travel costs, due to a Vancouver AGM and two ISCM festivals in one fiscal year;
  • accumulated surplus will have dropped from about 15% to 5% at year-end.

Motion for membership to receive Audited 2013-14 Financial Statements and 2014-15 Year-to-Date Budget.

Moved by James, seconded by Christien.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

Motion for membership to accept proposed 2015-16 Budget as presented.

Moved by Brian, seconded by Jim.
Approved unanimously.
Motion carried.

7. Committee reports

a) Advocacy Report: Ian Crutchley

Ian Crutchley, committee chair, outlines the following issues the committee has surveyed this year:

  • copying costs for commissions;
  • eligibility of tenured academics to apply for publicly funded commissions;
  • CLC’s member engagement;
  • amount and nature of SOCAN’s royalty payments;
  • rights surrounding a composer’s recording made by union performers;
  • tone and language used in some public calls for works;
  • composer accreditation in concert programmes;
  • preliminary results from Commissioning Paradigm meetings;
  • gender equity among composers; and,
  • Canada Council’s new funding model.

Discussion followed.
Action item: Advocacy committee to consult on next steps from results of Commissioning Paradigm meetings.

b) Awards Report: Elisha Denburg (o.b.o. Richard Gibson)

Elisha summarizes Richard’s report as follows:

  • 2014 Friends of Canadian Music Award recently given to Quatuor Bozzini, split with James O’Callaghan and Kyle Brenders.
  • Call for Nominations for the 2015 FCMAward, (joint award from CLC and CMC) to be released soon.
  • Adam Scime was recipient of CMC’s 2015 Toronto Emerging Composer Award.
  • List of upcoming arts awards deadlines in Canada available upon request.

c) Membership Report: Elisha Denburg (o.b.o. Richard Gibson)

Elisha summarizes Richard’s report as follows:

  • Membership since last AGM up by 47 members (3 Affiliate, 21 Professional, 23 Student), 432 total.
  • Two Emeritus members have passed away: David Kaplan and Norman Sherman, both died in April 2014, both at age 91. Cards of condolence were sent to their widows on CLC’s behalf.

Issues facing the committee in the coming year:

  • determining best practices for recruiting new members following a CLC event;
  • possible active recruitment of Affiliate members (composers and non-composers);
  • determining policy and/or procedure for changing member status from Student to Professional, and from Professional to Emeritus.

Discussion followed.
Action item: Elisha to consult with Membership committee on enacting policies/procedures for above issues.

d) ISCM Report: Jim Hiscott

Jim Hiscott delivers ISCM report. Topics include:

  • World New Music Days 2014 Selected Works and promotional CD;
  • 2015 Call for Works, Selected Works, upcoming promotional CD;
  • 2015 festival in Slovenia and 2016 festival in Korea;
  • CLC hosting the WNMD 2017 festival in Vancouver with partner Music on Main;
  • new prospective members to ISCM (Full Associate Members who are not the Canadian Section), implications for Canadian composer representation and funding abroad.

Discussion followed. Jim unanimously thanked for efforts as President of the ISCM Canadian Section.

e) Professional Development Report: Emily Hall

Emily delivers report, outlining PD activities from the past year:

  • Open Call workshops and partnerships;
  • Commissioning Paradigm meetings (joint effort with Advocacy committee);
  • multi-disciplinary panel discussion.

Emily announces her departure from CLC; has prepared outgoing document to help transition to new committee chair and members. She thanks all committee members and council for their work. Brian and all give sincere thanks to Emily for all her work as Vice-President of CLC.

f) Communications Report: Jocelyn Morlock

Jocelyn delivers report, outlining various issues facing the committee, including:

  • possible retooling of online Members Circle;
  • webcasting and live-streaming;
  • social media and online presence;
  • expanding focus of monthly ZOOM IN… articles;
  • blog links and podcasts; and,
  • migration of CLC website.

Discussion followed.

Action item: Elisha to consult with Jocelyn and incoming Communications chair (TBD) on these issues.

7. Announcement of newly elected members to National Council

Brian announces new Election Slate for 2015-17 term.

British Columbia: Rodney Sharman, Christopher Reiche (both by acclamation);
Alberta: Ian Crutchley (by acclamation);
Saskatchewan/Manitoba: Jim Hiscott (by popular vote);
Ontario: Brian Harman, Anna Höstman, Christien Ledroit, Gayle Young (all by acclamation);
Québec: Stacey Brown, André Ristic, Patrick Saint-Denis (all by popular vote); and,
Atlantic Region: Richard Gibson (by acclamation).

8. Other business


Motion to adjourn 2015 Annual General meeting.
Moved by Jim Hiscott.
Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 14:59.