Equity Policy

Canadian League of Composers
Adopted unanimously by the Council, June 4, 2016

The Canadian League of Composers is the only national organization advocating exclusively on behalf of all Canadian composers regardless of affiliations and memberships. Active in areas of advocacy, outreach and consultation, our goal is to ensure that our constituency has fair and equitable access to the full spectrum of programs and support our country has to offer. Further, we collaborate regularly with composers and other partners across the country in improving and expanding resources and opportunities that feed the activities of our diverse community of creatives.

Our work in the area of equity derives from a recognition that the demographic and aesthetic diversity of Canadian artists remains at odds with our community’s distribution of resources and opportunities. While we do recognize that there has been much progress, in many areas we observe at best, stasis, and at worst, regress, in the establishment of a reliably equitable environment representative of the diversity that informs not only the composition community, but also, Canada as a whole.

Therefore, while our goal remains equal treatment for all, we endorse and are adopting policies that aim to increase the participation of underrepresented demographics in the Canadian new music scene.