About the ISCM

ISCM International

What is the ISCM?

The International Society for Contemporary Music was founded in 1922, and is comprised of an Executive Committee and approximately 50 national sections, each expected to have at least one official delegate (in many cases, two). There are also several ‘Regional Sections’ such as Gotland (Sweden) or Flanders (Belgium), Associate Members, and some Sympathizer organizations. Each section pays a yearly membership fee, and each calendar year one of the sections hosts the World New Music Days in its country or region.

For more information about the ISCM and its history, please visit their website.

World New Music Days

What is the role of the Canadian Section?
The basic role of the section is to promote Canadian music on an international level, and to communicate the results of their actions to Canadian composers. The actions taken yearly by the sections are at minimum:

  • Organizing a jury to select 6 works as the ‘national submissions’ to the upcoming World New Music Days. This is done through a general call for works. The juries are composed of 3 or more Canadian composers chosen by the Section. Compositions submitted must be accompanied by a recording, and the composer must have secured the rights to publish the promotional, non-commercial CD.
  • Publishing a promotional, non-commercial CD with the 6 selected works. If space allows, more works can be added if the jury agrees to do so at the time of making the list of the ‘national submissions’.
  • Encouraging Canadian Composers to send ‘private submissions’ to each year’s WNMD organizers, by publicizing these calls for works through CLC Newsflashes and other means.
  • Participating at the ISCM General Assembly, with at least one delegate — preferably 2 whenever this is possible, pursuant to budget, timing, and other considerations.
  • Helping Canadian composers being performed at the WNMD by encouraging them to apply for travel grants, and, when budget allows, assisting them financially. This is often possible after the rest of our activities have been budgeted for, with any surplus funds in the yearly budget. The Section gives priority to composers whose works have been part of that year’s Canadian ‘national submissions’.
  • Helping Canadian composers and music presenters establish contacts with their counterparts in other countries or regions, through their ISCM national sections or the relationships the Canadian Section has built in the past. This could potentially include facilitation of meetings, recommendation letters, sharing information on places to go for music projects and on possible sources for funding.
  • Organizing, with partners, the WNMDs on Canadian soil. The next ISCM World New Music Days will be held in 2017 in Vancouver, presented by the ISCM Canadian Section with partner Music on Main.

The Canadian League of Composers has been the home of the Canadian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) from 1953-56, and from 1981 to present. The current executive of the Canadian Section are:

Jim Hiscott, President, ISCM Canadian Section
Rodney Sharman, Vice-President, ISCM Canadian Section

To contact the ISCM Canadian Section, please send an email to iscm@composition.org.